[tz] Today's CalConnect event

John Wilcock john at tradoc.fr
Tue Feb 12 12:30:25 UTC 2019

Le 11/02/2019 à 17:49, Steve Allen a écrit :
> For comparison with the IANA tz data, the IATA has a database of time
> zones as an appendix to a document called SSIM.  That consists of
> records of 390 ASCII characters in columns at a cost of $1329.00 USD
> https://www.iata.org/publications/store/Documents/Passenger%20Standards/specifications-utc-app-f.pdf
> SSIM is structured as the offsets currently in effect; history is not
> included.  It is unclear to me why an airline would subscribe to this
> information rather than rely on IANA tz.

Does IANA have access to this IATA data? Can anything be learnt from a 
regular comparison of offsets?


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