[tz] proposal for new tzdb versions

Philip Paeps philip at trouble.is
Thu Sep 23 00:47:37 UTC 2021

On 2021-09-23 02:30:38 (+0800), Paul Eggert via tz wrote:
> In light of the previous discussions and the fact that we need a new 
> release very soon, I propose the following:
> * We release 2021b pretty much as-is (with the usual release 
> administrivia such as updating NEWS).
> * We also generate a separate 2021a1 version, which is like 2021a 
> except with the Samoa change that is prompting 2021b. This version 
> recognizes the concerns about the number of changes to pre-1970 
> timestamps in 2021b. I'll do this by publishing a patch to 2021a, 
> along with a patched tarball, on my website at UCLA.

This would be a terrible idea.  Please consider the alternative approach 
I suggested yesterday.

On 2021-09-22 18:32:10 (+0800), Philip Paeps via tz wrote:
> To avoid repo-churn on main, I would suggest releasing 2021b from a 
> branch made before the disputed changes in May, with the recent 
> non-controversial changes cherry-picked from main.  An appropriate 
> NEWS entry can be added on main to explain.

Several people have pointed out the technical shortcomings of your 
proposal.  Fundamentally though, it would push changes into the wild for 
which no consensus exists.

> After the versions are published and the dust has settled [...]

Publishing the current state of main as 2021b will not settle the dust.

> Since Samoa's rules change in less than 72 hours I plan to generate 
> these new versions soon.

Please don't.


Philip Paeps
Senior Reality Engineer
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