[tz] some problems with tzdata for Simferopol

Michael H Deckers michael.h.deckers at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 15 12:30:30 UTC 2022

    In version 2022a of the file "europe", we read for Simferopol:

       # The _Economist_ (1994-05-28, p 45) reports that central Crimea 
       # from Kiev to Moscow time sometime after the January 1994 elections.
       # Shanks (1999) says "date of change uncertain", but implies that 
it happened
       # sometime between the 1994 DST switches.  Shanks & Pottenger 
simply say
       # 1994-09-25 03:00, but that can't be right.  For now, guess it
       # changed in May.
                                2:00   C-Eur   EE%sT   1994 May
       # From IATA SSIM (1994/1997), which also says that Kerch is still 
like Kiev.
                                3:00   E-Eur   MSK/MSD 1996 Mar 31  0:00s
                                3:00   1:00    MSD     1996 Oct 27  3:00s
       # IATA SSIM (1997-09) says Crimea switched to EET/EEST.
       # Assume it happened in March by not changing the clocks.
                                3:00   Russia  MSK/MSD 1997
                                3:00   -       MSK     1997 Mar lastSun  

    •  The quoted text is inconsistent:
       The comment says that Simferopol uses Moscow time since 1994 May, but
       the Zone line
              "3:00   E-Eur   MSK/MSD 1996 Mar 31  0:00s"
       contradicts it (Moscow had other switching times between summer
       and winter times). Which is correct?

    •  It is not clear what "IATA SSIM (1994/1997)" actually says. They
       probably do not specify the switching times expressed with
       the Zone line
              "3:00   E-Eur   MSK/MSD 1996 Mar 31  0:00s"
       or do they?

    •  The Zone line
              "3:00   Russia  MSK/MSD 1997"
       is redundant.

    Michael Deckers.

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