[tz] Change Request: Europe/Kiev to Europe/Kyiv

Oleksandr Leskiv sasha26.05.2012 at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 11:24:11 UTC 2022

Hello everybody.
As a native Ukrainian speaker, I do agree that "Europe/Uzhhorod" and
"Europe/Zaporizhzhia" do have a more correct version of transliteration
compared to "Europe/Uzhgorod" and "Europe/Zaporozhye".
On the other hand, to my knowledge, Ukraine does not actively use these
timezones, as every town in Ukraine has the same UTC offset, which is
determined by the "Europe/Kyiv" timezone (formerly, "Europe/Kiev").
So in my opinion, these changes, while important, are not so urgent to be

Regarding Philip Paeps's comment about "the current conflict" - I believe
that this is not a correct term that should be for the situation that has
been happening between Ukraine and Russian Federation lately.
I do think that besides Ukraine, almost every country has qualified this as
Russo-Ukrainian War.

Sincerely, Oleksandr.

On Wed, Apr 13, 2022 at 5:59 AM Philip Paeps <philip at trouble.is> wrote:

> On 2022-04-13 08:42:32 (+0800), Paul Eggert via tz wrote:
> > On 4/11/22 11:49, Jonathan Leffler via tz wrote:
> >> I agree that the time has probably come to make the switch, leaving
> >> the old
> >> spelling as a backwards compatibility link.
> >
> > Yes, things have changed significantly since the last time I did a
> > survey. Proposed patch attached, and installed into the development
> > repository.
> Thanks for (finally) making this change!
> I would suggest some minor changes to the commentary though.  Referring
> to "the current conflict" will not age well.  Words like "traditional"
> and "popular" have unhelpful connotations which the word "common" neatly
> avoids.
> I also wonder if it wouldn't be less disruptive to our users to take
> this opportunity to also rename Europe/Uzhgorod and Europe/Zaporozhye to
> Europe/Uzhhorod and Europe/Zaporizhzhia at the same time...
> Philip
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> Philip Paeps
> Senior Reality Engineer
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