[tz] Brisbane's lord mayor calls for referendum on Queensland DST

Gilmore Davidson gilmoreorless at gmail.com
Tue Feb 22 03:08:29 UTC 2022


Thirty years after Queenslanders rejected daylight saving at the polls,
> Brisbane lord mayor, Adrian Schrinner, is calling for a new referendum on
> the divisive subject.

[...] Queenslanders voted against permanently introducing daylight saving
> time after a three-year trial back in 1992. Schrinner says most people
> under the age of 48 and anyone who moved to the state in the last 30 years
> hasn’t had a say on adjusting time zones.

> [...] Schrinner suggested a new referendum could be held at the same time
> as the next state election in 2024.
> [...] The attorney general, Shannon Fentiman, responded to an
> anti-daylight saving time petition to parliament in December, saying [it]
> was “not currently” under consideration.

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