[tz] Mexico may eliminate DST next year- except parts of some northern states

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Thu Jul 7 15:30:24 UTC 2022

According to some news published on Wednesday, July 6, 2022

Mexico may eliminate DST next year- except parts of some northern 

"AMLO sends bill to eliminate daylight saving; Mexico to return to 
'God's time'"

"Mexico president presents bill to eliminate daylight saving time"

"It's likely that the clocks won't change next year in most states"

"The bill only requires a simple majority to pass the federal 
legislature, meaning that it is likely to become law.
With the support of its allies, the ruling Morena party commands a 
majority in both the lower and upper houses.

Energy Minister Rocío Nahle and Health Minister Jorge Alcocer appeared 
at the president's morning press
conference on Tuesday to present arguments in favor of getting rid of 
the twice-a-year time change......
However, God's clock and health worries may not apply in parts of some 
northern states where clock changes have been
synchronized with states in the southern U.S. to facilitate cross-border 
trade and other connections.
Energy Minister Nahle said on Tuesday that there would continue to be 
exceptions in some northern border municipalities."

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