[tz] Mexico may eliminate DST next year- except parts of some northern states

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> According to some news published on Wednesday, July 6, 2022
> Mexico may eliminate DST next year- except parts of some northern states.
> "AMLO sends bill to eliminate daylight saving; Mexico to return to ‘God’s
> time’"
Thanks for the heads-up.  This document appears to contain the draft law in
While most of the document discusses motivation for the bill, the proposed
law itself appears to start on page 22 of the PDF.

The proposal would bring the new law into force from Tuesday 2022-11-01, so
most areas of Mexico would "fall back" for the last time on Sunday
2022-10-30 at 02:00, while the northern border regions described in the
law's second chapter would continue to observe US-like rules, falling back
a week later on Sunday 2022-11-06 and retaining the existing seasonal time

My knowledge of Spanish isn't good enough to help me find where one might
track the status of this proposal as it moves through the federal
legislature, so do keep us posted on developments as you hear them.

Tim Parenti
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