[tz] Change some timezone names

Clive D.W. Feather clive at davros.org
Thu May 26 08:46:33 UTC 2022

Robert Elz via tz said:
> And of course we do the same to country names, Germany, Spain, Austria
> Ivory Coast, (even Russia I think, not sure about Ukraine).
> And I kind of doubt that English is the only language/culture that does
> this, I seem to recall that in German, France, England (probably more)
> aren't the same as they are in English (or their native - but I picked
> France because that's the same in both EN and FR).

I happen to know that the Dutch for "The United Kingdom of Great Britain
and Northern Ireland" is "England", possibly because they have their own
United Kingdom.

> I have absolutely no idea how Kyiv is supposed to be pronounced, and will
> keep pronouncing it as I do Kiev (which I think most English speakers do,
> otherwise no-one would know what they're talking about) - but I doubt that
> is very much related to how someone speaking Russian pronounces it.

BBC Radio 4 seems to be using something closer to "Keev" (as in "keep")
than "Key-ev" these days.

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