[tz] Mexico on track to abolish DST

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Thu Nov 3 17:46:48 UTC 2022

On 2022-10-28 13:58, gera via tz wrote:
> Well, actually I used Ojinaga as an example, but most of the northern 
> municipalities (if not all) will keep aligned with USA DST rules, as 
> read on the same note you quoted:
> https://heraldodemexico.com.mx/nacional/2022/10/26/adios-al-horario-de-verano-en-que-consiste-la-nueva-ley-de-husos-horarios-451939.html
> This includes Ciudad Juárez, certainly.

Circling back on this - I reread that article this morning and it's not 
clear to me that the article says Ciudad Juárez will observe DST this 
weekend. Admittedly its wording is hard to follow (I'm relying on Google 
Translate, as I've never learned Spanish unfortunately).

I looked for more news coverage of this, and found the following:

Juárez P. ‘Desfase de horario con EP causaría graves pérdidas’. El 
Diario de Juárez. 2022-11-03. 

It says that Ciudad Juárez will not change its clocks this weekend, 
which agrees with the current TZDB release. It also says that although 
there's unhappiness with the current situation, and there is a way in 
the new Mexican law for the local legislature to request a change to the 
clock rules for a region or municipality, nothing along those lines has 
happened yet for Ciudad Juárez. So my guess is that we are OK for this 
weekend, anyway.

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