[tz] Bug in 2022f version of zic.c

Tim McBrayer TMcBrayer at ABINITIO.com
Fri Nov 4 18:28:02 UTC 2022


tzcode2022f/zic.c has a bug in its memory checker routine in static void* 
memcheck(void*). This code throws an error and exits when the pointer 
returned by malloc is NULL. However, malloc is allowed to return a NULL 
pointer when the allocation size is 0. And, on one machine I am building 
the TZ code on, malloc(0) does indeed return NULL. This is an AIX 6.1 box, 
with C compiler xlC 13.01.0000.0011.

This is easy enough to work around locally. However, it would be nice to 
get this fixed for any future release of the TZ code.

Tim McBrayer
Ab Initio Software

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