[tz] Syria adopting "Permanent DST"

Steffen Thorsen thorsen at timeanddate.com
Wed Oct 5 09:03:55 UTC 2022

Various Syrian sources say Syria is adopting year-round DST, starting 
this autumn.
However, some areas are not controlled by the Syria government, and 
therefore not affected by this.

Some quotes (translations are not perfect!)

 From https://www.sana.sy/?p=1754885
"The Cabinet decided to adopt summer time throughout the year and 
abolish winter time."

"The Council of Ministers in the regime’s government decided to adopt 
daylight saving time throughout the year. During its weekly session, in 
the presence of Prime Minister Hussein Arnous, today, Tuesday, the 
Council decided to cancel the winter time, which has been in place for 
decades in Syria. [...] permanent adoption of daylight saving time."

 From https://www.enabbaladi.net/archives/607812
"This [the decision] came after the weekly government meeting today, 
Tuesday 4 October [...]"
"The decisions of the regime’s government to delay and advance the clock 
only apply to the areas under its control, while the northern 
countryside of Aleppo, which is administratively controlled by Turkey, 
depends on keeping daylight saving time during all months of the year, 
as is the case in Turkey, and the reason is due to direct relations with 
the Turkish state in the field of trade exchange. Public institutions 
and crossings. Thus, daylight saving time will remain in these two 
control areas."

 From https://sourpress.net/?p=170398
"In a statement to Al-Watan, the head of the Astronomical Society in 
Syria, Muhammad Al-Asiri, considered that this decision has great 
benefits on the level of energy savings, as well as on the economic 
level, especially tourism."

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