[tz] not getting proper timezone for few countries

Bhardwaj, vanshika vanshikaBhardwaj at eaton.com
Wed Jan 18 17:46:19 UTC 2023

Hello ,
We are using tzdata vendor source latest version which is 2022g  in our code  ,which basically return the timezones value of the country as per the mapping  but we found for few of the countries we are getting alphanumeric value as an output of time-zone, like if we select India so timezones we are getting for India is  IST as an output which is expected  ,but if we select brasalia so timezones for Brasalia we are getting is -03 , which is alpha-numeric value , so can u please tell us when u are going to add the timezones for the rest of the countries or it will be same. Hope u will reply soon.

With Regards,
Vanshika Bhardwaj
Associate Engineer(Eaton)
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