[tz] not getting proper timezone for few countries

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis at Shaw.ca
Wed Jan 18 20:30:33 UTC 2023

On 2023-01-18 10:46, Bhardwaj, vanshika via tz wrote:
> We are using tzdata vendor source latest version which is 2022g in our code,  
> which basically return the timezones value of the country as per the mapping 
> but we found for few of the countries we are getting alphanbetic value as an 
> output of time-zone, like if we select India so timezones we are getting for 
> India is IST as an output which is expected, but if we select Brasilia so 
> timezones for Brasilia we are getting is -03, which is numeric value, so 
> can u please tell us when u are going to add the timezones for the rest of the 
> countries or it will be same.

Most alphabetic time zone *abbreviations* /invented/ by the time zone project 
were replaced a few years ago by numeric UTC offsets.
Those /invented/ alphabetic time zone *abbreviations* replaced were not found to 
be widely used online either in English contexts, or in the language scripts 
commonly used on web sites in the country.
The time zone project handles neither I18N internationalization nor L14N 
localization to provide time zone descriptions or abbreviations in the languages 
and scripts used in non-English-using countries.
I18N and L14N for time zones are provided by the Unicode CLDR project for most 
countries, languages, and scripts, with supporting packages and programming 
language bindings available for most systems, distributions, and package 
management systems.

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