[tz] More prominent/consistent record of rule change notification date?

Jan Harris janhar at us.ibm.com
Mon May 1 13:28:16 UTC 2023

I deal with getting the TZ updates rolled out for IBM AIX. As we all know, sometimes IANA is notified in the eleventh hour, and it is not feasible for AIX to deliver fixes in a matter of weeks (or less)

Take Egypt, for example.  For good reason, IANA did initiate a new build on March 1, as discussed in this thread<https://mm.icann.org/pipermail/tz/2023-March/032683.html>. (Even if they did, it would have been a tight schedule for AIX to have ready mid April.)

I certainly appreciate the emphasis on notifications, placed in the IANA article.
How Time Zones Are Coordinated<https://www.icann.org/en/blogs/details/how-time-zones-are-coordinated-13-03-2023-en>

     *   https://www.icann.org/en/blogs/details/how-time-zones-are-coordinated-13-03-2023-en

I have incorporated this message in to our AIX TZ documentation.

We usually see some attribution to the notification in the NEWS

       Starting in 2023, Egypt will observe DST from April's last Friday

       through October's last Thursday.  (Thanks to Ahmad ElDardiry.)

       Assume the transition times are 00:00 and 24:00, respectively.

I think it would be helpful if there was a clear record of WHEN​ IANA is officially notified of TZ changes, so users could understand this is the result of their government changes, and notification processes, it is not a "defect" in how IANA or vendors roll out these updates.  I do realize that sometimes “official” notifications seems to be that someone submitted a more formal government reference, instead of a news article. Maybe just an indicator of when the group is provided such official confirmation.

Thanks for your consideration!

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