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Almaz Mingaleev mingaleev at google.com
Fri Oct 6 07:52:33 UTC 2023

Fijian government posted
It says following:

Fiji Government
6 h  ·
The People’s Coalition Cabinet held its 16th meeting this year. The
decisions include the following:
Cabinet approved the suspension of Daylight Saving and appropriate
legislative changes will be considered including the repeal of the Daylight
Saving Act 1998 (Act).
Fiji observes daylight saving under the Act which empowers the Minister for
Employment, Productivity, and Industrial Relations (Minister) to order any
period of consecutive days between the beginning of October and the end of
April, as a daylight-saving period.
Fiji has observed daylight saving since it was initially introduced in
1998. The intention was to benefit both the public and private sector.
The last daylight saving observed in Fiji was from 20 December 2020 till 17
January 2021.
To read more: https://bit.ly/46gPdat

On Wed, 13 Sept 2023 at 22:22, Paul Eggert <eggert at cs.ucla.edu> wrote:

> On 9/13/23 10:34, Almaz Mingaleev via tz wrote:
> > Does anyone know what is Fiji's government plan for 2023-2024?
> I haven't heard anything but will let the list know if I do. From past
> experience I don't expect a government announcement until late October,
> which as you know is not much notice (most likely they'd spring forward
> November 5 or 12 if they spring forward at all).
> Fiji has not observed DST since 2021-01-17. The current TZDB guess is
> that it won't observe DST this summer either. I hope this guess is
> correct as it will mean less disruption for people.
> If you're curious whether the decision has been made but is not
> publicized, you might try calling the office of Agni Deo Singh, Fiji's
> Minister of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations in the
> current coalition government (for contact info see
> <https://directory.digital.gov.fj/directory/organisation?orgId=7>). He
> was appointed in December and his views on DST may differ from his
> predecessor's.
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