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If you follow the shortened link it leads to an official article:


See: "3. Suspension of Daylight Saving" which says the saem as below.

On 2023-10-06 01:52, Almaz Mingaleev via tz wrote:
> Fijian government posted 
> https://www.facebook.com/100064626194509/posts/717114933786040/?app=fbl 
> <https://www.facebook.com/100064626194509/posts/717114933786040/?app=fbl>
> It says following:
> Fiji Government
> 6 h  ·
> The People’s Coalition Cabinet held its 16th meeting this year. The decisions 
> include the following:
> Cabinet approved the suspension of Daylight Saving and appropriate legislative 
> changes will be considered including the repeal of the Daylight Saving Act 1998 
> (Act).
> Fiji observes daylight saving under the Act which empowers the Minister for 
> Employment, Productivity, and Industrial Relations (Minister) to order any 
> period of consecutive days between the beginning of October and the end of 
> April, as a daylight-saving period.
> Fiji has observed daylight saving since it was initially introduced in 1998. The 
> intention was to benefit both the public and private sector.
> The last daylight saving observed in Fiji was from 20 December 2020 till 17 
> January 2021.
> To read more: https://bit.ly/46gPdat <https://bit.ly/46gPdat>

> On Wed, 13 Sept 2023 at 22:22, Paul Eggert wrote:
>     On 9/13/23 10:34, Almaz Mingaleev via tz wrote:
>      > Does anyone know what is Fiji's government plan for 2023-2024?
>     I haven't heard anything but will let the list know if I do. From past
>     experience I don't expect a government announcement until late October,
>     which as you know is not much notice (most likely they'd spring forward
>     November 5 or 12 if they spring forward at all).
>     Fiji has not observed DST since 2021-01-17. The current TZDB guess is
>     that it won't observe DST this summer either. I hope this guess is
>     correct as it will mean less disruption for people.
>     If you're curious whether the decision has been made but is not
>     publicized, you might try calling the office of Agni Deo Singh, Fiji's
>     Minister of Employment, Productivity and Industrial Relations in the
>     current coalition government (for contact info see
>     <https://directory.digital.gov.fj/directory/organisation?orgId=7
>     <https://directory.digital.gov.fj/directory/organisation?orgId=7>>). He
>     was appointed in December and his views on DST may differ from his
>     predecessor's.
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