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Thu Oct 8 18:16:14 UTC 2015

Hi Don:
I wrote to my contact at Yahoo, who is in the legal department. 
After trading emails, she asked that we provide a "short summary of the [email] issue that I can forward" to the right parities at Yahoo. (This leads me to think she has already made contacts within Yahoo.)
We could probably use a chapter of what Mark or Brent has already written. Can you select a paragraph or two that I can forward?
I hope this is helpful,
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G'day all&hellip;
 I'm hoping that you can help.
 I'm currently looking for the following contacts:
 - Yahoo - Someone who is familiar with their e-mail platform and plans for EAI
 - Adobe - Someone within their Flash Development Team
 - Mozilla - Someone within their Firefox team who's working on Flash implementations
 - Twitter - Someone who is familiar with how they handle Linkifications
 If you are such a person, or you personally know such a person - or even know someone who will know someone (3 degrees of separation) - can you please let me know off the list?
 don.hollander at icann.org
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