[UA-discuss] Report on Universal Acceptance at ICANN54

Ron Baione ron.baione at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 21 18:39:16 UTC 2015

Thanks Don for your reply, I look forward to seeing the comprehensive report detailing the completed work and completed tasks.  The information below which you provided is for work that may be filed under "continuing to progress":

"We have produced some specific work leading up to Dublin which I identified in my pre-Dublin report:
·       We are now on the third iteration of our “Introduction to Universal Acceptance”  (http://1drv.ms/1G0AB1g).   Rather than ‘finish’ this in Dublin (and there are still sections that haven’t even been started), we agreed to break it up into smaller documents which will be easier for us as a group to review and sign-off and get ‘published’ for people who are asking for them.  The Definition of UA Ready is one of the topics.
·       We’re developing a Test Suite of use cases.  We’re also planning on registering names relevant to the use cases and finding a way that smaller developers can make use of the domains.  https://goo.gl/sJYm3P   The comment period for this document finished just before Dublin.  There were only minor comments.   We’ll take this document and register some names that we can use as specific examples.   
We should also tidy up the sample text to send to webmaster when people (not just people acting as part of the UASG) encounter a website that doesn’t act like they want it to.   The draft is at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1Efsao9I6ko4_ohQAxrW_xogma2il6jVrsphA9DHrLVo/edit where you can see we’ve already had translation into a host of languages."

And while everything above is "continuing to progress", my note requested information regarding specific tasks that had been or will be completed in the past, present or future, with the time-frames for completion, and again I look forward to those specific time-frames, as you indicated your next report would include.


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