[UA-discuss] UA Issues Logging and Resolution Project

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Does “actively pursue resolution” mean that the support team will seek resolution of the issue by means of existing channels (e.g. bugs.chromium.org, bugreport.apple.com) or is the group envisioning a different strategy?

Who to collect information from? I would suggest the team starts small, as in a beta program, with a limited number of users in order for the team to test drive the different elements of the reporting tool and resolution processes. 


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    How would the "loop be closed" on these requests?  When someone posts an issue, knowing someone is looking at it is great., but knowing when it has been addressed is even better.  
    Reporting-wise, it would be good to be able to know which organizations are most responsive to fixing reported issues.  Rather than shaming those who don't, we could celebrate those that are responsible.
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    A small group has formed to look at the idea of the UASG creating a facility to log instances of UA failures and to work to reach out to the relevant source of those failures to education and encourage them to become UA Ready.
    The group consists of George Minardos, Michael Palage, Michaela Quinzy and Gwen Carlson.  
    We’ve had one call and numerous emails.
    The result is the attached first draft for discussion within the UASG community.
    So, please read this and share your comments and ideas.   

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