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Hazem Hezzah hhezzah.las at gmail.com
Tue Nov 15 13:13:08 UTC 2016

Hello Don,


I was quickly going through the Arabic UASG005, It looks to me as if most of
it has been translated through Google translate!

Several words and sentences that should be adjusted to fulfill its English
derived meaning, even the "Universal Acceptance" translation on the cover is
different than the one used throughout the text itself.

Searching through the mailing archive, I couldn't find  a link to review or
suggest changes to the Arabic document.


Could you send me the google docs link to review?



Hazem Hezzah


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Dear all: 


There have been some updates to the UA Wiki page over the past couple of


In the Documents tab, we have added:


UASG005 - Quick Guides in Chinese, Arabic and Russian

UASG009 - Quick Guide to Tender and Contractual Documents


At the bottom of this same page we have also added a Registry of Interests
for those in the Coordination Group - so that there is transparency of
potential vested interests when we contract out work.








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