[UA-discuss] Resolving the Vice Chair elections situation

Ram Mohan rmohan at afilias.info
Thu Mar 9 09:57:55 UTC 2017


I’ve now spent a little bit of time contemplating the situation we are in.

We issued a call for nominations for Vice-Chair. Our charter provides for
2-3 Vice Chairs. 6 qualified candidates volunteered. In the spirit of
inclusion, I suggested all 6 become Vice-Chairs by acclamation. There is
rough consensus for this position.

However, two issues give us pause:

1.      Changing rules mid-stream. We had a duly constituted process
through which we began executing elections. Changing the rules after the
fact demonstrates the wrong approach towards governance – even though we
are a very collegial group with a common, shared goal.

2.      If everyone had known that all nominees would/could become
Vice-Chairs, potentially **more** nominees would have volunteered. Changing
the rules after the fact therefore potentially disenfranchises those folks.

As a result, I am asking Don Hollander to resume the election process for
the 3 Vice Chair positions, and to refresh everyone’s memory by re-listing
the slate of candidates. Some/most of the candidates will be attending the
ICANN58 meeting in Copenhagen, which will allow folks to engage with them.

Don, please let the election run until after the close of the ICANN58
meeting, but let the voting commence in the next couple of days (once you
are done traveling to Copenhagen).

We are a community driven and bottom-up initiative. I am so pleased that we
have six excellent candidates who have come forward to serve the community
and further our drive towards a world where all TLDs and emails will be
universally accepted.



Chair, Universal Acceptance Steering Group
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