[UA-discuss] HTML now allows EAI in address validation

Chaals McCathie Nevile chaals at yandex.ru
Mon Feb 19 17:52:37 UTC 2018

I landed the change [1] in the last Working Draft earlier this month:  

(But I forgot to say so here)

The key bit is
A valid e-mail address is defined in [[!RFC6531]].

A user agent should present and consume unicode text in the user  
interface, and expose it to other applications, except when sending to a  
Mail Transfer Agent that does not support SMPTUTF8 [[RFC6531]].
]]] - https://w3c.github.io/html/sec-forms.html#valid-e-mail-address

Thanks to all those who helped make this happen. Review is still  
appreciated - the timeline is to freeze this draft for a W3C  
Recommendation in early May, so before then is a good time to provide it.

We will also be looking for implementation information - basically  
applications, sites, etc that work with EAI addresses, so pointers are  




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