[UA-discuss] Another difficulty to overcome ...

Ronald Geens ronald.geens at dnsbelgium.be
Tue Feb 20 07:36:16 UTC 2018


   I am aware of the good work going on in the UASG to get IDN at all levels natively supported in web-adresses and email and I fully support that.

On the other hand there is darker side of the web that people want to be protected from.
I just read this blog about some people that may actually find it better to see puny-code in stead of regular IDN in order to detect spam and phishing.
https://ma.ttias.be/show-idn-punycode-firefox-avoid-phishing-urls/ which is an opposite view of what UASG is trying to achieve.

   Does/Will the UASG have a standpoint in this matter ? Is this in scope of UASG or will we rely on the anti-virus industry or even registrars/registries to protect the world from abuses like this ?

Best regards,

Ron Geens
DNS Belgium
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