[Party1] Inbound work from and outbound work to WP2

Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Tue Mar 3 01:11:51 UTC 2015

Hello WP1 members,

I had a chat with Becky yesterday and below are the work items that are
proposed to transfer* from WP2 to WP1.*

1. Ombudsman

We would keep (and Becky would not progress) community or noncom
appointment of the Ombudsman (noting this is Work Stream 2 -
post-transition - and is therefore on hold).

2. Mechanisms

We would develop details for all the "mechanisms" that are actually already
listed in the second table of our work summary - Becky's work plan had
included them.

This relates to the broader discussion Becky and I had which is that her WP
would focus its time and energy on improvements to existing mechanisms
(which largely focuses on review and redress, things that are "triggered")
as well as the standards on which such action is based. Our WP1 would focus
on new mechanisms and powers, as it has largely done so far, most of which
are non-triggered.

This then leads to the following *Work Items from our list being
transferred to WP2:*

WP1-5A - clarifying ICANN's limited technical mission - is part of the
standards and review&redress focus of WP2

WP1-6C - ombudsman standing for IRP - this would also be an improvement to
the redress mechanism of the IRP, and would fit with WP2 (noting it's also

Most of these allocations are noted in the PDF I circulated yesterday,
which is attached again for your easy reference.

We can discuss this on Thursday. At the moment it doesn't require us to do
anything other than focus our efforts on the "mechanisms" we might build.
So far Roelof has kindly developed the Supervisory Board concept, but we
need to do some work on the other mechanisms.


Jordan Carter

Chief Executive

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jordan at internetnz.net.nz
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