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Here are the notes from last night's call that affect our WP directly.


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Session #15 03 March
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Dear all,

The notes, recordings and transcripts for the *CCWG ACCT **Session #1**5*
call on 03 March will be available here:


*CCWG - Call # 15 - 3 March 2015*


Weekly meetings.  Discussions about, removal of directors and defining
GAC consensus.  Draft templates available for most, where not they are
topics transferred to WP2 or in progress.

Looking at mechanisms that make these powers work:  issue of statutory
members, members, supervisory board etc are the right way to make the
powers work being discussed.

Example: removal of directors (note yet discussed by the working group)

·        Any number or all Directors might be removed.

·        Assumption controlling is whatever is recommended in terms of  CCWG

·        A new mechanism

·        The effect of a director being removed.

Standard of the decision, objective standards are often not specified.
Suggestion should follow same standards as the ICANN Board currently
has to remove a Director.

·        Do not expect resolution before F2F

Contributes to all accountability dimensions, makes the Director more
aware of all accountability mechanisms and contingencies.

A director appointed by a particular community, should that electing
entity be the only one able to remove the director?  Or removal by
others with the support or no objection by that SO/AC

·        NomCom appointed directors, may require a modifies process

Action (co-chair):
Can the advisors provide advice on international law and also
corporate governance related to removal

What infringement might trigger the process? That this is a measure of
last resort

With each power there will be different triggers. Suggest powers
should be attached to existing mechanisms, or one shared new group.

Initial proposal was to spill the entire board.  Extreme and very
difficult to trigger.  Threat of use, presence enough  Now making a
simple concept complex, picking off single directors, objective
standards of the
community rather than super-majority.

WP1 will distinguish between pilling the board and powers if the
individual SO/AC.  Need to have graduated scale, or risk the only
option is to escalate to the higher standard.

·        Notion of the "big stick" for WS1 topics.  Recall of whole
board is that big stick. removal of individual directors left as WS2.

GAC advice and how the bylaws require the Board to consider this advice.

GAC set out its own operating principles., is able to lower or raise
the threshold for advice.

Suggestion of the current wording of GAC principles about consensus
advice, that it is that consensus advice that triggers this
reconciliation by the Board.  If the GAC then changes its standard of
how that advice is considered by the board is a matter for the
community. Codifies the status quo in the ICANN bylaws.

Jordan Carter

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