[Party1] Agenda for Call #3 WP1 - 21h UTC on Wed 4 March

Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Wed Mar 4 07:15:05 UTC 2015

Hi all

Here is my proposed agenda for the call on 4 March at 21-22.30h UTC.

This is based on what was stepped out in our Work Plan (at

There's a lot to cover so apologies in advance if we can't discuss
everything in as much depth as people would necessarily like.

*1. Review of Agenda*

*2. Report back from CCWG meeting*

a) Outputs for the Face to Face - what do *we* in WP1 think we need to

*3. Discussion of Work Items*

a) AOC in the bylaws - three more reviews (Steve)
b) Removal of ICANN director/s (Jordan)
c) GAC consensus issue (Jordan)
d) any other Work Items ready for discussion

*4. Next steps in our work*

a) Checking in on progress with Work Items not yet discussed

(the progress is mostly up to date in this:

b) Checking in on exchange of items with WP2

c) Volunteers for Mechanisms focus - who can volunteer for some focused
work on mechanisms in the next few days?

*5. Next Meetings*

a) Should we schedule a meeting for Wed 11th March at 21h UTC? (I think we
will need it.)

b) Discussion on need for a meeting/s between 11 March and Face to Face
(including Sun 22nd in Istanbul)

*6. Any Other Business*

Many thanks,

Jordan Carter

Chief Executive

04 495 2118 (office) | +64 21 442 649 (mob)
jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Skype: jordancarter

*A better world through a better Internet *
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