[Party1] Working Party 1 update for CCWG mtg

Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Tue Mar 10 05:41:59 UTC 2015

Hi all

Attached as PDF and also online (link below) is my best to-hand info about
where Working Party 1 is currently at.

You can see the status in easy colour highlights in Table 1.

*Any corrections or updates, please let me know as soon as you notice them.*

For tonight's call, we will cover the following in our report-back:

* a quick precis of this status update
* what we plan to cover in our WP1 #4 meeting on Wed night UTC, and if we
need a WP1 #5 meeting

*Substance: *
* update of where the GAC has got to in considering the interaction between
GAC operating principles and ICANN bylaws
* clarification of understanding as to whether WP1 should target one or two
mechanisms, and attach all the powers to this/these

I apologise it's brief on the substance. Last week's experience of dealing
with items at this call and then WP1 discussing them later won't work this

We'll have our WP1 call on Wednesday 2100, and have plenty of substance to
talk to next week.


The doc lives at

Jordan Carter

Chief Executive

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jordan at internetnz.net.nz
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