[Party1] First draft Agenda: WP1 Meeting #4 (Wed 11 March @ 21h UTC)

Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Tue Mar 10 05:58:14 UTC 2015

Hi WP1 members,

Here's a first draft of my suggested agenda for our call this Wednesday.
Welcome thoughts and input or suggestions. May need to update following

I'll flesh this out with relevant documents in 24hrs or so.

*1. Consideration of Agenda*

*2. Report back from CCWG meeting*

*3. Discussion of Work Items in progress*
I suggest we discuss all outstanding items, so that means:

Matthew and Fiona - WP1 2D on requiring AOC implementation (think we did
discuss this?) & on other AOC into bylaws matters & crossovers with WP2
Steve Matthew and Fiona - WP1 2E on AOC document access
Steve - WP1 2E on ability to ensure WS2 stuff is implemented
Keith Drazek on 5B1&2 - on ICANN obligations
Jordan - 7A on removal of ICANN directors

In terms of mechanisms I hope we can also discuss:

B - Jordan - permanent CCWG
F - Robin - community veto

I would also like us to test whether any other work is required on any
other work items before we can do a consensus call on our next call.

*4. Next steps in our work*
a) what we need to do for Istanbul
b) consensus calls in terms of documents being finished for consideration
by CCWG at Istanbul
c) how to wrap up outputs

*5. Next Meetings*

a) We need one meeting next week to consensus call on documents. I propose
same day/time - 21h UTC on Wed 18th.
b) *if we need another working meeting, we will need to schedule it before
this last chance for consensus.*

*6. Any Other Business*


Jordan Carter

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