[Party1] Template 7A - removing the ICANN Board of Directors - v2

Malcolm Hutty malcolm at linx.net
Thu Mar 12 12:53:19 UTC 2015

On 11/03/2015 10:05, Jordan Carter wrote:
> Dear all
> Please find attached in .docx and .pdf an updated Template regarding the
> removal of the ICANN Board. This is Work Item WP1-7A in Working Party 1.
> This update focuses on the power to spill the whole Board, following
> discussion at the CCWG that individual director removal could form part
> of post-transition Work Stream 2 work.


Thank you again for this.

Building on the discussion on last night's conference call, I have
expanded this into three variations: your original proposal (now called
Strawman 1) and two more.

Strawman 2 keeps the same high threshold for *deciding* to discharge the
Board, but signficantly reduces the threshold for *asking* that such a
decision be considered (we can, of course, debate precisely where the
threshold should be set).

Amongst the consequences of such a change, I believe this would increase
transparency by drawing the discussion about such a proposal into this
process, rather than having the main discussion antecedent to it.

Strawman 3 takes a different approach entirely. Strawman 3 proceeds from
the basis that each SO represents an entire, distinct community to which
the ICANN Board is responsible. The Board should therefore command the
confidence of each SO, and so any SO ought to be able to discharge the
Board as a result of a loss of confidence. To ensure this power was not
used lightly, it could only be exercised by a full consensus within the SO.

ACs should not be part of a decision to dismiss the Board: this is not
compatible with an advisory status.

I have written some text that expands upon this, and further explains
the distinctions and implications of each (attached). I also submit a
completed template for each strawman.

I have redlined where I have made changes to your original.


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