[Party1] Agenda for CCWG-ACCT WP1 meeting #4 - Wed 11 March @ 21h-22.30h UTC

Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Wed Mar 11 10:08:26 UTC 2015

Dear all

Please find below the proposed agenda for our call later (about 11h from


*1. Consideration of Agenda*

*2. Report back from CCWG meeting*

*3. Discussion of Work Items in progress*

I suggest we discuss all outstanding items, so that means:

   - Matthew and Fiona - WP1 2D on requiring AOC implementation (think we
   did discuss this?) & on other AOC into bylaws matters & crossovers with WP2
   - Steve Matthew and Fiona - WP1 2E on AOC document access
   - Steve - WP1 2E on ability to ensure WS2 stuff is implemented
   - Keith Drazek on 5B1&2 - on ICANN obligations
   - Jordan - 7A on removal of ICANN directors

In terms of mechanisms I hope we can also discuss:

B - Jordan - permanent CCWG
F - Robin - community veto

I would also like us to test whether any other work is required on any
other work items before we can do a consensus call on our next call.

*4. Next steps in our work*

a) what we need to do for Istanbul
b) consensus calls in terms of documents being finished for consideration
by CCWG at Istanbul
c) how to wrap up outputs

*5. Next Meetings*

a) We need one meeting next week to consensus call on documents. I propose
same day/time - 21h UTC on Wed 18th.

b) *if we need another working meeting, we will need to schedule it before
this last chance for consensus.*

*6. Any Other Business*

Jordan Carter

Chief Executive

04 495 2118 (office) | +64 21 442 649 (mob)
jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Skype: jordancarter

*A better world through a better Internet *
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