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Hi all

In drafting the previous note I thought the following also of interest for
discussion / teasing out:

One distinction to think about is between mechanisms that are a *process *and
those that are a *structure*.

A *process *is the best way to describe using existing SO/AC processes, or
the Community Veto. The particular angle I am focused on in such processes
is that they come to a decision about the matter at hand through the
autonomous actions of individual SOs and ACs, and the results of those
decisions are reflected in the decision. They are a bit like the process of
electing an SO Board member, in that:
 - there are no new bodies that need to be created
 - there is no necessary deliberation before a decision is made
 - the process forms an aggregation of preferences of individual SOs and ACs

A *structure* is what is required by the other approaches above which range
from well known (we are a CCWG, so we know about that), to models that are
well known in California but not in ICANN (membership or delegates) to
models that are less familiar like a supervisory board. They imply and
oblige a sharing of perspectives and discussion within the decision body,
regardless of whether the decisions of the members are mandated or
 - they involve a new grouping of people, which to be empowered require
some kind of structure to be set out somewhere and abided by
 - they generally involve a conversation between the decision-makers as or
before a decision is made

Aside from testing the criteria mentioned in my previous note, what do
people think about this distinction?


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