[Ws2-so_ac] Notes, recordings, transcript for WS2 SO/AC Accountability Subgroup Meeting #7 - 22 Sept

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The notes, recordings and transcripts for WS2 SO/AC Accountability Subgroup Meeting #7 - 22 September 2016 will be available here:  https://community.icann.org/x/wRusAw

A copy of the notes may be found below.

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Action Item:

ACTION ITEM- Group to propose and place draft questions in Google Docs/wiki page for the group to review at next meeting


1. Cheryl read into the record - email from Kavouss regarding issues and questions that he had raised to be considered. Response - all questions will be considered for future considerations as the work progresses within the group. Some of the work will be shaped by SO/AC feedback to questions that they will be asked to respond to.

2. Review (brief) of last call #6 held on Sept 6th and any Action Items / Business Arising (See Agenda Discussion Item below)
- Discussion focused on reaching out to SO/ACs on their accountability mechanisms - will frame the questions on the email list, including approach and other details

3. Discussion Topics

a) Drafting the text of questions based on the bylaws charter for our group, plus Rec 10 and 12 - Can we start drafting some of the questions now?

Discussion Questions raised -
Kavouss "Co-Chairs, you are referring to ask some questions from SO/AC. What are those questions? what is the expectations that all SO7AC reply "
Mathew - what type of questions are you thinking about. Response questions drafted should address what they think and what is in the bylaws
Steve example per our charter in the bylaws, we ask each SOAC about documents/procedures showing how they assure accountability, transparency, participation, and prevent capture.

Discussion on the timing of developing the questions may depend on staff paper release and then the timing of responses from SO/ACs
Suggestion to add additional point to ask them if there is any departure of the day-to-day processes
CW three points: wants to hear more from participants, regarding the questions in particular if they are accountable to their members, the critical issue is how do they decide and what positions to take acting in a accountable and transparent issue, this is how to prevent capture otherwise you will not succeed in having SO/ACs provide accountability procedures.
Possible question - What existing formal accountability measures does your organizations have in place. Importance of focusing on crafting the questions so they address what the group want to capture for its work.
Points raised regarding self-appraisal, note what Avri has placed in the chat
Avri Doria: I look forward to seeing the self-appraisals. not only the content included, but the content excluded says a lot in such a self-appraisal. wonder how many of the SOAC will pass a giggle test .
Avri Doria: i am almost included to argue against Kavouss' view of the GNSO, but am sure now is not the time to have such discussions.

GNSO Chairs and Counsel are the right place to start in asking the questions.

Proposal based on today's discussions and the groups mandate - will start a new page in Google Docs and on the wiki put some proposed text of the questions in the page for discussion at the next meeting - try to keep the questions to no more the five if possible.

ACTION ITEM- Group to propose and place draft questions in Google Docs/wiki page for the group to review at next meeting

b) Questions specific to ask each SO/AC - about their accountability
mechanisms pending review of the staff paper... Can we delay this until after next week?

Documents Presented

*        Agenda_WS2_SO-AC_Acct Subgroup Meeting #7_22SEPT16.pdf<https://community.icann.org/download/attachments/61610945/Agenda_WS2_SO-AC_Acct%20Subgroup%20Meeting%20%237_22SEPT16.pdf?version=1&modificationDate=1474577986000&api=v2>

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