[CCWG-ACCT] Board comments on Board removal in the context of GAC advice

Dr Eberhard W Lisse el at lisse.NA
Wed Feb 17 12:41:14 UTC 2016

No wonder the time line doesn't work, I have no clue how I can write a
Minority Report on a Final Report which is not Final.

Let me just go on record with the formal objection in case we poll.


On 2016-02-17 14:27, Paul Rosenzweig wrote:
> Dear Co-Chairs
> Now you have a problem.  A significant number of us do NOT agree with
> the Board’s proposed modification of the spill power post-Board
> acceptance of GAC advice.  A number of others apparently do agree with
> this further change from the closed text of Rec 1.  It appears as though
> the supplementary proposal is not complete.  I, personally, would take
> what was in the compromise proposal – the same “all but one objecting
> SO/AC” standard – that is in the current draft (which, I note, has not
> been released).
> If you are going to think about changing the draft (as you are free to
> do), I would respectfully request a full proposal fromteh Board (text
> and justirifcation); two readings; and the development of consensus
> one-way or the other.  We should not adopt the Board’s proposal at all –
> but if we do, it should not be in this higgledy piggledy haphazard way
> of having the Board liason communicate an idea that is only clarified in
> email converations.
> Where is the redline text?  And when is the consideration?
> Paul
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