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Fri Jan 8 07:12:57 UTC 2016

Perhaps you should be asking

Is floating and sustaining something like the Net Mundial Initiative,
whose express purpose is to address public policy issues outside the
names and numbers, and technical protocols and coordination, something
within ICANN's mandate?

(Since this is directly an issue where ICANN steps on governmental toes,
in that public policy is traditionally a gov space, this question may be
more relevant to the current discussion on GAC advice and board's
consequent obligations. Also it is a real, manifest issue and not an


On Friday 08 January 2016 05:21 AM, Andrew Sullivan wrote:
> On Thu, Jan 07, 2016 at 06:21:20PM -0500, Avri Doria wrote:
>> Is training people on the DNS or DNSEC in the same category as content
>> censorship?
> Is capacity building in the sense of training people on DNS or DNSSEC
> really outside ICANN's mission, in the CCWG's proposal?  It seems to
> me that that one could argue it helps the "ensure the stable and
> secure operation of the Internet's unique identifier systems" realm.
> If ICANN decided to get into teaching people how to deploy VoIP using
> SIP, however, I'd wonder why.  Or into web administration, or perhaps
> (more in line with the analogy) WordPress or Drupal administration.
> And those things do seem to me to be approximately as relevant to what
> ICANN is doing as content censorship: I don't think ICANN should do
> either.
> A

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