[CCWG-ACCT] Rec 2 - escalation process - second reading draft

Jordan Carter jordan at internetnz.net.nz
Wed Jan 13 06:40:31 UTC 2016

Hi all

Attached in PDF and Word are my tracked changes building on the work
Bernie/Alice did to do the changes to the timeframes for escalation.

Thanks for kicking it off, Alice and Bernie and others!

The comments together form a second reading draft for the call on Thursday.

This approach, in essence:

- has a two-SO/AC requirement to petition for any of the powers (except
whole Board recall - that would be three SOs/ACs)
- ditches the Conference Call stage
- extends timeframes for SO/AC decision

This new approach is in recognition of the desire noted by SOs and ACs to
have longer timeframes than the previous process allowed, and in
recognition that in exercising any of the community powers, a reasonable
amount of informal community dialogue and discussion is highly likely - and
so SOs and ACs will have had several weeks to consider the issue before the
final 21 days allowed to decide after the Forum.

The new timeframes flow as follows, with this showing maximum possible time:

21 days: Petition deadline for first SO/AC


7 days: Time for a second/third SO/AC to sign on for the petition

[if no valid petition, lapses]


21 days: Time within which Community Forum must be organised
{note - within 7 days of valid petition, written rationale must be
circulated - this does not go "on top of" the 21 days for the Forum, it is
within it.}


21 days: Time within which SOs and ACs must decide whether to exercise the

So the longest possible time is 70 days.

There's included an ability by the SO or ACs petitioning to extent to the
next in-person meeting, EXCEPT (a new exception) where it's about the
Budget power - we cannot put the budgets on hold for months, in my view.....


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