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I'll go with Online I think.


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> Dear Colleagues,
> This is a brief follow-up after today's meeting.  Satish and Oksana are
> leading the compilation on the Survey and we are all invited to comment on
> the Survey Draft Questions that they have initiated. Today we created
> sub-group structures to allow us to focus on our tasks. To this end, we
> would like to invite you to please select one (1) group only if you have
> not given your preferred group. There will be time for cross pollination of
> ideas so we all get a chance to put our fingerprints on each Group's
> completed tasks. We would like to encourage everyone to fully utilise their
> areas of skill sets/competence/expertise such as public
> relations/journalism/IT/engineering/teaching etc to ensure that we can have
> a rich breadth of input.
> Below, you will find the links (URL) to the space for each sub-group.
>  Survey
> https://community.icann.org/x/uiF-Ag
> Content
> https://community.icann.org/x/qSF-Ag
> Face to Face
> https://community.icann.org/x/tiF-Ag
> Online
> https://community.icann.org/x/siF-Ag
> Social Media
> https://community.icann.org/x/riF-Ag
> We encourage you to be innovative and utilise the wiki and the email list
> for your discussions. I would like to ask the Staff to please post the
> Action Items in the Wiki. The most pressing deadline is to finalise the
> Survey by next week Friday.
> *General Guidelines*
> For instance when using the Mailing list to discuss your group's work
> please put your group in paratheses, for example. If I am in the "Content"
> Team and I wish to initiate a thread on "Content" then in the subject line
> of the email I will put [Content]. Groups have two weeks to complete their
> tasks and we encourage you to initiate dialogue, create an energetic
> environment and empower your colleagues to participate. Remember that you
> all have an equal voice so we would like you to have a sense of ownership
> to the group that you have selected. Feel free to be creative, think
> outside the box. Remember, you/we are doing this for all the ALSes and our
> At Large community to empower them equally. So with that, feel energised.
> We are looking forward to seeing heavy traffic in the email lists and trust
> that you can synthesise the same and add to the wiki.
> From time to time, the Steering Committee will initiate dialogue or
> encourage discussion in a set of area that we feel needs to be addressed.
> Please feel free to do the same as well if you see that discussions are
> stagnant etc. The Tasks are to be completed and presented in a word
> document within 2 weeks from today.
> *Survey [To Be Finalised By Friday Next Week]*
> The initial draft that Oksana and Satish have prepared is on the Wiki so
> please add your comment. Also look within your groups and figure out what
> are at least 2 or three questions that you would like to know from members
> of the At Large community. You can forward this to the Survey Team at
> least by Monday next week because on Tuesday, the editing of the Survey
> will start where we will start finalising the Survey. To access the
> current list of questions, please see the link provided for in the table
> above. In the event that you think questions are redundant, please do so.
> Thank you to all those that have given your names of your preferred
> groups. The list below shows those that have yet to express a preference
> for which Group you would like to join and the names are as follows:
>    1. Tijani Ben- Jemaa
>    2. Pastor Peters Omoragbhon
>    3. Chaitanya Dhareshwar
>    4. Karaitiana Taiuru
>    5. Satish Babu
>    6. Yashar Hajiyev
>    7. Lisa Williams-Lahari
>    8. Elisa Kohlhase
>    9. Nimrol Agarwal
>    10. Sainivalati Nabogikolo
>    11. Adela Danciu
>    12. Sandra Hoferichter
>    13. Mathias Pfeifer
>    14. Jose Arce
>    15. Erik Hiesca
>    16. Emani Fakaotimanalava-Lui
> We would like you to please select which Groups you would like to join by
> this week. On Friday, we will be closing the space for volunteers
> involvement and if no names come forward by then, we will assume that you
> are disinterested in the operations of the Working Group. If for some you
> this is the first time to the Wiki, please feel free to send Staff or Dev
> Anand Teelucksingh" <devtee at gmail.com> who is a Member of the Steering
> Committee and he can guide you. If this is your first time to contribute to
> an At large project, we would like to say that we are excited to share in
> your first experience and please feel free to send us emails (staff)  to
> inquire.
> Feel free to ask if things are not clear and please keep the communication
> lines open.
> Thank you.
> Warm Regards,
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