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Aaron Pace apace37 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 15 07:12:19 UTC 2018

Over the years we have had plenty of time to see what the 2012 gTLD
(applications) strings have accomplished or not accomplished. It is time
for the "Brand Round" to happen. No more delay / back and forth which goes
on within the ICANN community.

The biggest innovation for the TLD space is still out there, everyone knows
it. It is being developed by telecommunications engineers who know exactly
what consumers want through years of feedback and good old fashion research
and development. Not just some word picked out of the dictionary to sell
(most applications from the 2012 round).

It is going to take a "Brand TLD" that has the features and benefits
everyone wants to make the Internet better and to bring it to its highest
and best use.

See www.AdvertisingStandards.org for the winning innovation worth talking

email: apace at advertisingstandards.org

Aaron Pace
(  .LESS founder )
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