[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Opposing the increase of .com domain price. Amendement 3

Cin Lung Chen cinlung at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 04:08:07 UTC 2020


I am one of the reseller who purchase mostly .com domain because .com
domain has an impact and it is easier to be remembered. With the recent
amendement 3 that talks about increase in .com domain price, it will
certainly land a big blow to our small business.

Therefore, with this email, I would like to oppose the idea of price hiking
for .com domain since it does not cost you more money, capital, or effort
to maintain.com domain more than any other domain and increasing the price
will certainly cause negative impact to many businesses, especially in the
middle of the current world wide economic crisis.

I hope you realized that .com is used world wide and not all parts of the
world has the same economic standard as US where even 1usd in many places
in the world would mean a lot.

I hope you reconsider your plan for price hiking and please listen to our
voices as internet is supposed to be the the place of freedom. Please don't
give into being the slave of corporate greed.

Thank you
Cin Lung
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