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Tue Feb 11 11:11:33 UTC 2020

Hi to whom it may concern
                                               I am a bit unhappy to hear that you have done a deal with Verisign to increase .com domains
The security system is already awash with complicated overcharging and this can only make matters worse.

You should be concentrating on working a security solution with governments who have a vested interest in our safety
These companies are only out to take market share and make more money almost any Tom Dick or Harry can become an authorised security certificate provider all with the same money making interests that includes Verisign and will not improve anything other than your bank balances at a cost to the small website owner whom are already  swamped with IT issues and struggles to run a legitimate business .

The recent upgrades made by google Microsoft and safari etc caused my legitimate website to be taken down which had purchased certificates.
I am sick of this behind closed doors attitude to SCREW the small business mans interest by clowns who do not have a clue how difficult all this is as they are part of the big IT picture and get paid MORE to cause problems.

                              My website should be mine and I should be able to purchase it outright also the security certificates should be linked to a licenced government register of IT businesses, nobody should be able to redirect or close my site down without government agreement.

As a business man of 40 years standing I understand the need for profit however I also understand when systems are deliberately being made complicate to screw money out of us .
Where I believe in the freedom of the internet I will continue to push for more government control of these systems so as to establish a proper legitimate safety system that is robust and open for all and this new move between yourselves and Verisign is a classic example of abuse behind the scenes

Also being forced to agree policies that allow IT infrastructure AND SOFTWARE to watch and eavesdrop on us so we can be target with emails that cut out proper competition leading to overpricing  and  monopolising is an affront to both democracy and free markets alike.

Kind regards Patrick Holleran

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