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Nickolas Grijalva nick at goodyearglassworks.com
Tue Feb 11 00:10:27 UTC 2020

 My name is Nickolas Grijalva and I am a member of the .com owner community. I have read the information about ICANN unilaterally deciding with Verisign to allow price increases for .com domains over the coming years and see this as nothing more than a simple bribe from a large company to the governing authority in order to give them advantages over their competition and make them more money. It comes complete with a $20 million 'kickback' for ICANN

 If there truly is an interest in the overall market's future and impact on .com TLD purchases, both from the consumer's perspective and from the many domain registrars' perspective, there should have been a longer and more open dialogue between all before any decisions were made. It seems clear that ICANN knew this would meet with resistance and therefore is making these decisions behind closed doors.

 I do not agree with the decision or the methods in which this decision was made and I question the motive behind them. There is no need for me to supply data that demonstrates the negative impact this will have on the market, as these figures can clearly be seen on various registrars' websites that are courageously exposing ICANN's actions. Let's not deceive ourselves into thinking that ICANN made this decision without already knowing and understanding this impact already. They simply are being called out for it now that they have been caught. But now is the time to make the right choice, listen to those who are speaking out against the actions and reverse the decision it made. Please read and consider my email along with the many others that I'm sure you are currently receiving and make the right choice.

Nickolas Grijalva

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