[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Comments - Amendment 3 to the .COM registry Agreement

Al-Azhar F. Pacha pacha at alpacinc.com
Tue Feb 11 00:00:15 UTC 2020


Based on the ICANN public comments and proposed amendment 3 to the .COM registry Agreement, it is my personal recommendation that:

1.       ICANN should reject the proposed amendment and NOT allow Verisign to increase wholesale prices to registrars for .COM domains. This will make purchases of website domains expensive and hence less inclusive. The entire world community will have lesser opportunity to participate as reliable internet citizens for all kinds of social impact causes. The drastic price increases will have dominos affect in not a good way!

2.       Verisign should NOT be allowed to operate as a Domain Registrar. If Verisign is allowed to operate as Domain Registrar, then they will have unfair advantage over other Domain Registrars thereby directly limiting customers from having choices since this will enable Verisign to have a complete monopoly. This proposed amendment is definitely not consumer friendly! So, please do NOT allow Verisign to operate as Domain Registrar.

3.       ICANN will receive extra $20 Million: Why is Verisign giving $20 Million to ICANN and how is ICANN planning to use the money? There is NO information from ICANN in the public domain as to so how the money will be spent and nor is there any transparency on how this amount got decided and why? This sure looks like a bribe getting paid to ICANN by Verisign so that they (Verisign) can increase prices and do whatever they so desire.

As stewards of .COM domains, please reject the proposed amendments by Verisign and save the internet.


Thanks, Al.

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