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As the owner and manager of multiple domain names (currently around 150) I
have huge concerns over the proposed increases in the cost of domain
registration. Extrapolated across the board for others like myself, it makes
for a massive increase in costs that far exceeds inflation. That there
should be a small increase to the cost of domain ownership is reasonable,
that these should build without reference, year on year for the foreseeable
future is tantamount to unfair practice and will certainly impact on the
various projects I have on hand and will force me to close many. Please
reconsider. You are pushing out hobbyists, those with personal websites and
low budget web-designers - which is (or possibly as a result of these
proposed changes "was") a large percentage of your customer base. According
to Internet Live Stats - although there are 1.7 billion websites on the
internet, only 200 million are currently active. Far worse 75% of currently
registered websites are parked or suspended. The proposed increase in costs,
year on year, will make this situation even worse. 


Gaile Griffin Peers

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