[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] Transparency is the backbone of the future

Eric K eric.knaus at gmail.com
Tue Feb 11 19:27:01 UTC 2020

To all who are concerned:

We live in a world where transparency, equality and integrity can finally
be upheld to a basic, universal standard. In business, we can lie, cheat
and beguile our customers now to our own demise. The Internet itself has
provided its own natural judicial system where the public has a voice
through comments and open forum discussions, this being a prime example.
ICANN and its constituents, while uniquely positioned and tied into the
world of online access, are not above any laws that apply to each of us. We
must abide by these laws fairly, justly and universally. ICANN is no
exception and I on behalf of myself, my own business and the many
businesses I proudly call clients, stand against the secrecy and price
gouging in which ICANN loosely engages. Let us all hold each other
accountable to the standards we all accept.

Yours through the Web,
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