[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] ICANN and Verisign

Sonja Osiecki sonjaosiecki at gmail.com
Mon Feb 10 22:38:17 UTC 2020

Please respect the input of a major stakeholder - the customer - before making decisions that affect us.   We must be included in the decision process, otherwise it may be in our best interest to establish our own infrastructures and networks in future which will be overseen by ourselves. 

Personally, I cannot afford the 70% increase over the next decade.  This is unreasonable. 

I urge you to keep your greed in check and make realistic plans for the future.  If you need additional funding, why not raise those funds by approaching the likes of George Soros, the Clinton Foundation and the Rothschilds?  These super rich individuals and organizations have interests in a wide variety of areas.  You might find a lot in common with your processes of making unilateral decisions which impacts the rest of humanity in a negative way. 

Sonja Osiecki
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