[Comments-com-amendment-3-03jan20] And the world is again a worse place

Roska Posti roska.posti at feellike.fi
Tue Feb 11 19:10:14 UTC 2020

The world is full of greed and so is the internet. But to this point 
there has still been some equality around how things work in the web. 
Even regular people have been able to afford and express their opinions 
and express themselves on .com domains. What do you think will happen, 
if Verisign is allowed to increase .com domain prices by 7 % annually 
(with some exeptions)? Little by little only huge corporations can 
afford the holy grail of domains and all the little people will suffer.

The world would become a better place for later generations if we would 
plant trees. This action can be compared to destroying a rain forest.

At 7% the .com domain prices will double roughly every ten years. With 
this logic in 100 years you need to multiply the current price by 1024. 
In 200 years you need to multiply it by  1 048 576. That's doubling only 
twenty times. This may seem far fetched but this is exactly the 
perspective you need to be thinking in. And this is exactly what will 

Every time greed today triumphs long term best option, the people will 
suffer. I hope you can live with the decision that many will suffer 
because you were greedy.

But I guess that you still have the option to make things right. You 
should consider taking the opportunity.

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