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David Harrison davidharrison at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 04:24:12 UTC 2020


While I am not directly opposed to the idea of a price rise for .COM
domains, I /am/ opposed to the idea that a for-profit company should be the
sole authority to manage .COM domains, and thus receive the majority of the
benefit of any price rise.

I understand there are solid reasons to only have one entity managing the
space so that splitting responsibility might be challenging for many

I would like to suggest that the space be managed by an not-for-profit
entity that has the best interests of Internet users in mind.

I would like to nominate Mozilla as an entity that might be worth

- they have a strong track record of protecting the rights of Internet users
- they have the experience and the systems in place to manage large-scale
Internet projects
- users can be confident that any revenue they generate will go back into
other projects like Firefox which benefit everyone.

Thanks for your consideration,

David Harrison
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