[Comments-fy19-budget-19jan18] Comment on ICANN draft FY19 budget

Simon Cousins simon at allegravita.com
Mon Feb 5 18:59:20 UTC 2018

As one of the most active domain industry professionals in the China marketplace, I’ve seen the positive impact that ICANNWiki has made on globalization and comprehension of the industry by Chinese readers in China. Before ICANNWiki, there was precious little information on industry fundamentals in China, and since Allegravita has supported the pro-bono translation of ICANNWiki content into Chinese, the vital platform that is ICANNWiki has been acknowledged hundreds of times.

We do not support the immediate and full withdrawal of funding for ICANNWiki. We guardedly support incremental, annual decreases to give ICANNWiki the time necessary to generate new sponsorship income to cover their costs.

ICANN, please don’t contribute to the elimination of ICANNWiki via a sudden withdrawal of modest funding. ICANNWiki is amongst the most important investments that ICANN makes. I’ve seen wasteful expenditure that pales in comparison to ICANNWiki’s stipend.

Disclaimer: My company is a pro-bono ICANNWiki supporter and we regularly translate ICANNWiki content into Chinese for the benefit of Chinese readers in China and everywhere.

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