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Please find attached comments from the Swahili ICANNWiki ambassadors in
East Africa.
Our comments bellow and also found here:



Today, nearly 400 students from secondary schools as well as colleges and
an even larger number from different internet stakeholders benefit directly
or indirectly from our Swahili encyclopedic resource that boasts of over
500+ articles in just under a year. Women and youth in the sphere of
internet governance have less participation due to lack of platforms to
introduce them, their chances of learning in a classroom setting about
these issues is very minimal.Through the Swahili ICANNWiki initiative, more
women and youth have being engaged in the multistakeholder approach.This
critical resource is built through regional Edit-a-thons, capacity building
workshops and Internet governance panels held throughout East Africa
(Nairobi, Arusha and Dodoma).The East African Swahili project strives to
create 5,000 Internet Governance articles/glossary for the 150 million
Swahili speakers by 2020.

With ICANN announcing that it will not renew its support for ICANNWiki, all
these milestones and aspirations hang in the balance. The ending of
sponsorship of ICANNWiki work from ICANN will serve as a setback for the
majority of women and youths that still haven’t being reached through this
workshops. As language plays a prime factor in helping connect the Next one
Billion of Internet users, We (ICANNWiki Swahili Ambassadors) join the rest
of the Internet community to appeal to ICANN to reconsider its decision, in
the quest to propel the Wiki localization initiatives, so that we can keep
enjoying the satisfaction of a job well done, as well as meditate about the
new paths we are yet to discover. We thus look forward to ICANN’s, and
everyone else’s continued role in making ICANNWiki projects so meaningful
and rewarding to the East Africa Internet community.


1.Rebecca Ryakitimbo,Co-founder and director of development TechChix,ISOC
 Youth at IGF 2017 fellow,Co-founder Digital Grassroots

2. Jane Langoi,Co-founder and Executive Director TechChix Tanzania

3.  Fatuma Mwanga,Programs and events manager TechChix-Tanzania

4.  Zuhura Msisi,Attendee ICANNWiki edit-a-thon 2017,Intern at TZNIC

5.  Diana Mokanga,TechChix-Tanzania member

6.  Bonface Witaba, ICANN Fellow, ICT4D Facilitator, ICANNWiki Swahili
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