[Comments-gnso-rpm-pdp-phase-1-final-recommendations-07apr21] GNSO Review of All Rights Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs Policy Development Process Phase 1 -Part 2

Saymon saymon at federalnic.fed.rep.br
Sun Apr 25 12:21:18 UTC 2021

The Federal NIC, operator of .fed.rep.br (FEDerative REPublic of 
BRazil), whose suffix (ccSLD) is intended for domain names for foreign 
organizations and individuals, such as emabiaxadas, consulates, 
diplomatic representations, international companies and others, together 
with CSIRT / CC, BR-IPO and Record Keeper, all together, come to 
participate in this contribution in a public way.

1 - ICANN should be more engaged in the global community, not forgetting 
the consumers and countries with which it has relations.

2 - ICANN should only release new gTLDs to the Root zone when necessary.

3 - Dialogues with registrants, small businesses and small organizations 
should be promoted so that ICANN can understand their needs.

4 - The fight against monopoly is necessary, because Verisign, Donuts, 
Godaddy Registry and other registry operators, are becoming big, thanks 
to capital and investment companies.

5 - ICANN, should deny confusing gTLDs, gTLDs without goals, gTLDs with 
generic words granted as if they were trademarks, as in the cases of 
Amazon (.book) and Google (.search).

Yours sincerely,

Federal NIC



Record Keeper

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