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Saymon saymon at federalnic.fed.rep.br
Mon Apr 26 11:41:23 UTC 2021

The Federal NIC, operator of the ccSLD .fed.rep.br (FEDerative REPublic 
of BRazil), publishes our contribution to the "GNSO Review of All Rights 
Protection Mechanisms in All gTLDs Policy Development Process Phase 1 
Final Recommendations for ICANN Board Consideration".

1 - ICANN should implement balance on the Internet, releasing the 
inclusion of new gTLDs in the root zone only when necessary.

2 - ICANN should adopt a multisectoral model for the development of new 
rules, not ignoring domain registrants.

3 - Implement pricing rules and define the maximum price limit that the 
domain can be charged by the Registry.

4 - Implement differentiated rates for gTLDs, separating gTLDs into:

A) legacy gTLDs (as public assets, of public interest and for public 
use), always bidding to avoid monopolies and maintain operational 
quality, which favors the entire global community.

Example: .com, .net, .org

B) gTLDs of public interest. These are the gTLDs that are important to 
the global community and should have low collection fees and increased 
protection from ICANN for the maintenance of their operations. We also 
recommend that you bid periodically.

Example: .lgbt, .ong, .hiv, .med, .web

C) gTLDs with no public interest. These are gTLDs that are not out of 
use and have no public interest by GAC, CCNSO, users, the third sector, 
registrants and registrars.

Example: .ooo, .final, .uno, .page


Federal NIC

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